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Vintage & Collectable Reels

Reels are an area of collectible fishing tackle that has received less attention than the lures. Reels by the better makers have been collectible for years, and most tackle collectors have had a few reels to add colour to their lure collection. Though the most collectible reels are expensive and hard to find, many of the more common reels are still inexpensive and relatively easy to find. Early fly and casting reels with names like Hardy, Vom Hofe, Conroy, Meek, and Milam are very collectible, and can be expensive. Reels by Pflueger, Shakespeare, South Bend, Bronson, and others are much less expensive and are a welcome addition to many collections. Single action fly reels, multiplying fly reels, are both eagerly sought. Automatic fly reels less so. Casting reels, both level wind, and non level wind are collected. spinning reels have received some attention, spin casting reels have received little notice. Ambassador casting reels made by ABU in Sweden have gained a loyal following both from bass fishers and from collectors. Early reels from England and Europe have sparked some interest, but with the majority being unmarked, or in less than perfect condition, the top of the line reels have received the lions share of collectors attention. Top of the line American reels, the "Kentucky" reels, Vom Hofe's, and the like, are quickly disappearing, and are escalating in price.

Fly Reel Collection - courtesy of Steve from Beckenham, Kent

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

A nice collection of Fly Reels courtesy of Steve from Beckenham, Kent , described as a a fairly motley assortment - but I would be more than happy to have them in my collection.The fish in background is a cast of Ray Clarke's Record Roach, 4 lbs 3 oz, Dorset, Stour 1990.

Bottom Row Left to Right: (1) Hardy Silex (2) Farlows Perfect style Regal (3) An Alex Martin, red agate (4) Hardy golden Prince.

Top Row Left to Right: (1) Hardy Hydra (2) Hardy Marquis Six (3) Hardy Marquis Seven (4) Sharpes Gordon (5) An unamed early Sharpes

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Generations of Allcocks Aerials Collection - courtesy of Steve from Beckenham, Kent

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo
InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

Front Row Left to Right: (1) A 4.5" Ventilated Aerial, superb. Only wording is "Patent" on the front, dating it circa 1920. (2) A 3.5" Popular, with Stag Logo, earlyish model. (3) A 3" Popular, customised, has been factory drilled to ventilate front & back, has a Bickerdike Line Guard & a check knob fitted on the rim. Most unusual & highly attractive. (4) A Rare 1939 Match Aerial

Back Row Left to Right: (1) A 4.5" Aerial Circa 1950, in original box & cork arbour. (2) A 4.5" Record Breaker, mint in or box. (3) The later 4.5" Match Aerial, - this one is made by an ex Allcock employee, possibly one of fifty I am told, but any info would be appreciated. Comes in a zip pouch marked "Match Aeriel, Aeriel Reels, Enfield, Middlesex. (4) The common Aerialite, mint in original box.

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