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Welcome to, we hope that you find the content of some interest. Please note that the vinatage fishing tackle and miscellaneous items shown in this web site are Not for Sale. The aim of the site is to provide a reference of vintage tackle and related items, a digital museum or archive if you like.

We are more than happy to try and answer question about vintage fishing tackle so please do email us at and we will attempt to reply promptly. If you have items of tackle for sale please also contact us at, we have a number of contacts to collectors and restorers that may be interested in your items. If you have a set of photographs of interesting tackle items please do email them to us with a short description and we try and include them in the web site reference.
Hardy Vintage Tackle

Acknowledgements - many thanks to ...
  • Steve from Beckenham, Kent who has leant his support and knowledge and has helped to collect some of the information and examples of vintage tackle.
  • Steve Boncey of - Restoration and Repair of Split Cane, Whole Cane and Greenheart Rods. Vintage Reel Repair and accessories
  • B James & Sons Vintage Rods





    General Information Under this section you will find details on...
    ~ Facts & Figures
    ~ Species Information
    ~ Classic Methods
    ~ UK Records
    Split Shot Weight (grms)
    SSG-1.6 AAA-0.81 BB-0.4
    No1-0.28 No4-0.20 No6-0.10
    No8-0.06  No10- 0.04 No12-0.025
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    Group box


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    Miscellaneous Items

    Miscellaneous Items - Catalogues, Flies, Floats etc   Miscellaneous Items - Catalogues, Flies, Floats etc
    Miscellaneous Items - Catalogues, Flies, Floats etc
    Allcocks Vintage Tackle





    Sowerbutts Vintage Tackle

    T H Sowerbutts & Sons Ltd of London Vintage Rods T H Sowerbutts & Sons Ltd of London Vintage Rods

    The Golden Rudd

    The Bream

    The Brownie - Brown Trout

    Autumn Glory - The Perch