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General Information....

Autumn Glory - The Perch


There has been much penned about the art of Angling. There literally thousands of books on the subject covering all of the various forms of fishing. These are just a few quotes, that for us, sum up this recreation and why we love it so much. If you have a suggestion for an addition to this page please do not hesitate to contact us.  

If you want to be happy ....
                             Learn to fish !

The most pleasing thing about a floats appearance is it disappearance

Good fishing never stops. There are only times when in some places it is better than in other. 

George Fisher

There is no use in your walking 5 miles to fish when you can depend on being just as unsuccessful near home.

Mark Twain

Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley. 


In sleep every dog, dreams of food, and I, a fisherman, dream of fish. 


God never did make a more calm, quiet, innocent recreation than angling. 

Izaak Walton

The fishing is far more important than the fish.

Arnold Gingrich

Wherever the fish go, there are fisherman there to catch them, ready for the excitement of bent rods, tight lines, frenzied leaps, and expressing runs. Each finds in his particular kind of fishing a special sort of satisfaction and thrill that can be understood and appreciated only by another fisherman.

George Fisher

I have laid aside business, and gone a-fishing.

Izaak Walton


- Want to know what the UK record is ? Do you think you can better it ? Here you should find all the current UK fishing records. This is part of WEB site. 

Useful  Figures and Tables

Shot Sizes

It is important to learn the relative size s of split shot if you are to float fish successfully. There are no fewer than 15 sizes of split shot available. However in practice you can limit yourself to a maximum of 10. Split shot and their weight in grams which you carry are as follows. 

Shot Size Weight In Gramms
Shot Size  Weight in Grams
SSG  1.890
AAA  0.810
BB 0.400
No 1 0.280
No 4 0.170
No 6 0.105
No 8  0.063
No 10 0.034
No 12 0.020
No 13 0.012

Do not try to memorize the exact weights. Just keep a rough idea of their relative sizes, so you know for example , how many BBs are equivalent to one AAA.

Juts because a floats makings tell you it takes three AAAs, that does not mean you have to use three AAAs on the line with no other shot. 

If you look at the chart, you will see that two BBs weigh more or less the same as one AAA. So the shoting pattern for a 3AAA float could be made up using six BBs.

You could also take this further. For a typical summer shoting pattern all you need between the float and the hook are a few small shot like No 8s. So if you lock the float on to your line with two AAAs and a single BB, the float still has the capacity to carry the equivalent on one BB. This can be made up using No 8 shot and placed between the float and the hook. roughly six No 8s will do the trick. 

Pole Elastic / Hook / Line Guide

Approx Elastic / Hook / Line Guide
Elastic Hook Size Line DIA Break Strain
2 24-26 0.06 mm 12 oz
3 24-22 0.06 mm 12 oz
4 22-20 0.08 mm 1 lb
5 20-18 0.08 mm 1.4 lb
6 20-18-16 0.10 mm 1.7 lb
8 18-16 0.10-0.12 mm 1.7 - 3.2 lb
10 16-14 0.12 mm 3.2 lb
12 12-10 0.14 mm 4.1 lb
14 10 0.16 mm 6 lb
16 10 0.18 mm 7 lb




Basic Methods