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Youngs of Harrow - Rods


Youngs of Harrow - Otter Brand

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

Otter Brand - Youngs of Harrow split cane coarse fishing rod. In good condition, three pieces. Tip section is made of fibre glass.

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Youngs of Harrow - Roach Rod

InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo InTheNetUK Photo

Youngs of Harrow, Otter Brand "The Roach rod" 11ft Whole and spliced Split cane rod. This 11ft 2 piece whole cane butt and whole and spliced split cane tip is as straight as a die. The benefit of the whole/split cane combination gives this rod a very crisp action and it is not at all "floppy" just perfect for roaching on a summer days. The script is totally unscratched. The red/burgundy yellow tipped and red/burgundy intermediate silk whipping is just perfect and the varnish finish is beautiful. You can see for yourself in the photo's what a beautiful piece of cane this rod is. The rod has a 24" cork handle with polished aluminium butt cap with black rubber button and a polished aluminium shoulder ring and polished aluminium sliding reel retaining bands. The Butt and tip rings are un-cracked agate lined and the rod also benefits from a hook keeper. Intermediate rings are of the high bell "stand off" style and chromium plate finish.

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